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Set Design | Art Direction | Event Production

Designing an interactive installation space can be challenging.

So how do you design one for a flagship bank branch that’s constantly on, stands out but looks like it’s always belonged? It also has to be digitally driven and versatile to house multiple Pop-Up Activations with different themes and color schemes.

You go minimal, modular, and lean into screens, screens, screens!

Sample Project Image


Working with the team at SoHo Experiential, I lead the design on this digital dilemma. Taking inspiration from retail fashion installations, modern signage and innovative lighting we developed the interior of the space based off of three concepts: listen, learn, and touch. The overall visual aesthetic would feature modern, high gloss, white surfaces with strategic Citi blue’s to allow the digital content be the main focus.


The foundation would be a sleek modern platform housing LED floor panels to add lighting and allow for simple thematic changes. Open Citi blue gradient framework defined the area while allowing for an airy feel & the space would be organized into concept stations. The Listen station featured a neon sign & modular counter to be repurposed during activations. The Touch station would be a giant touch screen, equipped with an in-house A/V system for events. The Learn Station consisted of three screens with information about Citi products, services & partnerships. The exterior of the space would face out onto Broadway, and a 12ft wide video screen would provide “always on” content for consumers on the street.

Renderings by Chris Steffen




Launched in August of 2019 this installation was an immense success and influenced the design of future Citi projects!


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