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Set Design | Art Direction | Event Production

What do you do when your client challenges you to produce a viral stunt that creates a sense of joy for people of all ages to kick off their new national campaign?

You build a Citi ball pit in the middle of Times Square & put Citi JOYTM's that look like ATM's but dispense prize tickets, that's what you do!

Sample Project Image


Working with the team at SoHo Experiential, I lead the design process to bring this joy-filled event to life. The set elements needed to invoke a sense of childhood nostalgia, have the feeling of familiarity, but still remain modern, exciting, & downright fun. Taking inspiration from traditional ball pits, modern swimming pools & Citi's iconic brand identity, we set to work creating an event set like none other.


This joy producing set would be composed of three major pieces. The main attraction would be a giant Citi branded ball pit complete with acrylic side cut-outs, modern staircases, & a platform to achieve that perfect ball pit jump.

A pedestal in the center of the ball pit would showcase the second piece of the puzzle: the JOYTM's. These ATM inspired machines would feature a customized digital interface & an automatic ticket dispenser to reward participants who stopped on by.

Finally, participants would exit the ball pit & trade in their tickets for a handsome reward at the Joy Teller redemption tent modeled after a Citi branch teller station.

Renderings by Ed Gallagher




Activating in the heart of New York City, Times Square, for one day only in November of 2017 this event was a huge success!




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