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Concept | Set Design | Art Direction | Event Production

One of life’s most stubborn questions is “What’s Next?”. So how do you incorporate that into a culinary event design for Citi’s VIP guests?

You make sure that these spaces are not only functional but stand out from the generic food festival stations by creating a custom 360 degree set with a kitchen, a bar, lounges, interactive elements, and a stand alone innovative photo experience.

Sample Project Image


Working with the team at SoHo Experiential, I lead the design on this creative and complex project. The main space would focused on highlighting the future of food and lean into a minimalist, modern design that paired organic materials like planked wood and greenery with sleek construction materials such as neon, laminate, and polished concrete. The photo experience was inspired by the bold and kitschy backdrops from The Museum of Ice Cream but would be geared towards the culinary arts.


To invoke an exclusive feel while retaining an open sense of space for the VIP Lounge, multi-level set pieces were designed inspired by Citi’s branding. Lower walls framed lounge spaces while higher walls formed interior corners for the bar and kitchen.

Playing organic materials off of high gloss laminate, the bar and kitchen were designed to have unique but complimentary aesthetics. The mid tier walls were used as an opportunity to infuse the space with modern plate art and an interactive garnish wall.

Establishing an immersive experience, a roofed corner unit photo backdrop was designed. Covered with blue metallic vinyl and incorporating a 3D utensil skyline, a custom whisk chandelier completed the look.

Renderings by Ed Gallagher



Major Cities

Touring from April to October in 2019, Citi’s Taste of the Nation VIP lounge had a big impact and was even featured in Event Marketer!


Citi VIP's


Photos Taken

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