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How do you design a holiday pop-up store, window display, & exterior decor for an iconic heritage brand like Lord + Taylor that stays true to their history, but also appeals to a younger crowd?

You fashion a Georgian inspired townhouse, set it in the SoHo district of Manhattan, & create a welcoming space that reminds you of home & makes you say "Oh My Lord + Taylor!”

Sample Project Image


Working with the team at SoHo Experiential, I lead the design on this unique opportunity. For the interior, to create the feeling of being in a cozy townhome decked out for the holidays, we would re-envision how products were displayed & add elements that aren't commonly found in retail stores to keep the space feeling organic. The exterior & window display would pay homage to Lord + Taylor's historic NYC flagship store during the holidays with ivy, string lights, crystals, & a wintery scene.


By creating temporary wainscoting, built-in shelving units, & a custom faux fireplace the raw space would be transformed into an inviting townhome. High-end furniture used as product displays, garland to spruce up the room, & vintage Lord+Taylor ads framed throughout the space would complete the interior.

The exterior would be covered with faux ivy, interwoven with string lights. Topiaries flank the entrance while magnolia leaf wreathes greet you at the door.

The custom designed window display would feature a 3D printed snowy village, complete with a miniature Lord+Taylor building & wintery figurines. The village sits below a starry winter's night, with thousands of icicle inspired crystals cascading down.

Renderings by Ed Gallagher




Opened in December of 2019 for a limited 2 week engagement, this activation was featured in the New York Times & on CNN!




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