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Set Design | Art Direction | Event Production

Picture this, Sicily 1919... no wait, that's a different story.

Picture this, NYC 2019, you’re tasked with creating designs for 4 separate event spaces that incorporate Citi's modern brand, Global Citizen Festival’s socially impactful brand, & Citi's No Kid Hungry, #SeeHerHearHer, & Citibike initiatives. The spaces should be engaging but not distracting, stand out but blend in, & unique but tell the same story. All while staying within the guidelines of the festival & the NYC parks department. Where do you start?

Well, you start by utilizing Citi's partnership with legendary street artist Queen Andrea & you get to designing spaces that are entertaining & empowering!

Sample Project Image


Working with the team at SoHo Experiential I lead the design process & brought these spaces to fruition. There were 4 key points to keep in mind while developing these spaces: feature Queen Andrea's artwork, make the spaces functional, keep the spaces open, & tie them all together. Using inspiration from staircase street art, LED lit framework, & modern boxwood structures we started putting ideas to paper.


Each activation space would have a custom created Queen Andrea art piece that highlights Global Citizen Festival & Citi's initiatives.

The two General Admission spaces would feature a photo opportunity with Citibikes. The Premier space would highlight No Kid Hungry while allowing guests to donate & receive swag. The Ultimate VIP space would include a tiered viewing platform so guests could relax & enjoy refreshments while still taking in the show.

All of these spaces would be tied together using an inset LED lit white framework to keep the spaces open & the juxtaposition of neon branding on geometric boxwoods.

Renderings by Ed Gallagher




Activating in October of 2019 in Central Park, these spaces helped Citi steal the show at Global Citizen Festival that year!





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